Paint Protection


£349 +vat


1-2 Days


Let Carvotion Protect Your Paint So You Can Guard Against Scratches And Stone Chips

You want to keep your car pristine condition for longer. Paying projection “seals” the paint on your car from damage so your ride looks like new for a longer period of time. They coat your paint work with a plastic shell which means light scratches and harsh chemicals can’t leave blemishes.

Risk Free Guarantee:

All our Paint Protection services come with a risk-free 30-day guarantee. Plus your installation is warrantied for 5 years from all defects in materials and installation. So you can sleep better at night knowing you cannot make a mistake by scheduling your installation today!

  • Freedom from regular waxing. Pain projection will keep your car’s color looking strong without having to wax your car all the time.
  • Restore that “new car” gleam. Paint protection keeps your ride looking like new so you can impress your neighbors every time you leave your driveway.
  • Creates a positive image on the road. Your car’s cosmetics are 30% of its value. Paint protection provides environmental protection, along with rock chip protection and ease of washing.

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